How to make an Ambitious Mediocrity Logo of your own.

by andjustin4all

A real logo.

When starting a podcast/ blog, it is essential that one have a logo.   An appealing graphic that says, Hey we be cool jive sister.  Now listen to what I’m putting down.  So I’m going to show you how ours was made and how you could make one of your own so that you can start your own podcast.

1. Pick an animal.  If your podcast is about snakes, pick a snake.  If it’s about being a Mom, pick a pelican.  My podcast is about how middle of the road my life is.  I thought about going for a cephalopod, due to its lack of spine, but they are already much too screen printed.   I settled for  a pygmy deer: small but other than that not really special.  Now to give it that “I am not made by robots,” pizzazz, I used a CLIP ART.  Like the kind you might find on anything Dave Eggers has something to do with.  And I’ve wanted to be him for like 10 years now. (And I already have one dead parent. Soooooo….)

These are animals.

2. Pick something else.  Now you can’t just have an animal as your logo.  THAT WOULD BE EASY LAZY LOOKED DOWN UPON BY THE LIBERAL MEDIA. Pick another thing.  Maybe your snake likes wheel barrels or your mom is a nut for her Nordic Track.  I picked something out of some science guy’s notebook.  (Science is Cooooo L.)  Then combine those things using a program I call Adobe Photo Shop and prestomatic Boomtown cougar you have something. Its OK if yours isn’t as good as mine.  I went to art school. That’s why I’m a bartender.

OMG it's a Pelican IN a wheel barrel or barrow I'm not sure.

3. Font selection.  Very important.  It must speak to you. Helvetica.  And if you don’t have Helvetica, try Times or Geneva or something that looks typey like a typewriter.  That will make it look like you made it not on a computer.

Look at that kerning.

4. Add a splash of color.  Not yellow I took yellow.  DO NOT SCREW ME.

Any who I hope your podblog is getting off to the reach for stars super fast start that mine has and when it happens it will be because of your logo.