Comedian Education Initiative: Super Bowl Primer with Chris O’Neill

by andjustin4all

UPDATE: My apologies, I’m new at this and it seems as though the last 30 or so minutes were inexplictedly cut from the download.  It has been corrected and my be enjoyed in its entirety.  You lucky fucks.

Live from Astoria! I sit with Giants fan and archenemy Chris O’Neill to educate you hip young comedy types on the Super Bowl just in time to get drunk spit back what you hear! Find Chris here on his fantastic web series CHRIS AND PAUL SHOW.  Find out what to gamble on. Find how many times I stutter.  Seriously, this makes me want to rethink doing anymore straight interviews but it was a good time. And thanks to DJ JSesh for handling the HB during our deliberations.

GO Pats. Boo Giants.


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