Happy Communism Month!!!

by andjustin4all

Welcome to the first of Ambitious Mediocrity’s theme months: Communism!!!

What is a theme month?  Well its an excuse for me to post dumb simular themed things from the internet when I can’t think of anything else to post that day.

ME: Oh shit, I haven’t written anything no one cares about in three days but look y’all Cosmonaut graveyard!!!

From the Marx & Engells to The Kim Jongs and all the great social distribution comedy teams, I will be turning R’s, rehashing 80’s pants shitting, and posting, sites, gifs, art (like the illustration above I did about ten years ago they may or may not be owned by a rock star), and various other things so you can nostalg about the good times when we Americans had a enemy who was whiter than we were (I know, I know, settle down Cubans).

And yes I’m counting this as today’s post.