Best of Communist T-shirts I could find on the net.

by andjustin4all

In honor of my MaObama t shirt that my brother scooped for me from China I found several more wonderful Communist T-shirt just in case you want to have your own Communism Month or for any occasion.

For the Star Wars fan:

For the foodie comedian:

For the nostalgic:

For Cat lovers:

For Mustache Lovers:

For those who eat before midnight:

For the coy:

For the IM nut:

For the democratic:

For the Gamer:

For Sly Stallone:

For the life of the fiesta:

I hope you can find the T-Shirt that fits you for your Communism Month celebration.

You can find most of these tshirts and more at Shirtoid, Threadless, RedbubbleTeeSpot & of course Hirsute History just type in communist in your search.