Best 10 Star Trek TNG T-Shirts I could find out there on the nets. YA NERDS!!!!

by andjustin4all

Lets face it, I got nothing.  Lists are my only way of making this podblog thing work.

BONUS:  I saw it and yes you could wear an apron in place of a t shirt but unless you have a hot rack no one wants to see that.  UNLESS you’re in this apron.

10.  While the design of the tshirt offends me as an artist You have to give it up for what seems to future year book photo.  I bet he got to keep the comb.  And dont you think since it is the future they would have a REAL laser background to choose from.  Frakes it.

9. Probably the easiest joke of the bunch.  But I bet Michael Dorn uses this line allllll the time.

8. No. No he is not.  I’m surprised there were not more Data in dress up t shirts.  C’mon net.

7. The first of two Wesley themed entries.  Clear concise with them Saturday morning 80’s stars. Fuck I miss disposable income.

6. Brent Spiner Boners.

5. What would Q do?  No idea I just like that they chose him in his eraserhead gear from the pilot.  Which speaking of shitty head gear.  How is it that I couldn’t find any TNG Whoopi Goldberg T-Shirts.  I gots to remedy that shit.

4.  Straight truth gets you far up this list.   There is NO way the Holodeck is always on 30’s gangster mode.  But Data in hats is always charming.  Still looking at you internet.

3. Let’s combine things I like.  Wesley Crusher’s bad outfits.  Wesley wear should be the new Cosby Sweater.  Annnnnnd Pee-Wee reference.  

2. I really wanted Frakes on top.  But alas there was one better.

1. Stand back and clap.  This is just simply the best anything I’ve seen in a long time.  No words.