The 10 Worst Star Trek TNG cast’s Wikipedia pictures.

by andjustin4all

10. Michael Dorn.

Black don’t crack bitches.  Just a shame such a man was under all that.

9. Gates McFadden.

I hope her and Dorn were hittin it backstage.  I mean she wasn’t much 25 years ago but the good doctor is holding up well.  Bravo.

8. Marina Sirtis

I think you can read my mind. Nice rack for a gal of 57. AMIRITE PEOPLE!

7. Patrick Stewart

Not bad captain, but I think this jaw has grown perpendicularly.  That or he’s making it so in his pants.

6. Wil Wheaton

You’d think for someone with such a large presence across our God the internet, Wikipedia could have found something… something… a little less round in the face.

5. LeVar Burton

OK Black cracks. The whole Rainbow is cracking here.

4. Jonathan Frakes

Frakes crakes.  No that sucked. I think I really just put this on here because anyone who’s directed 3 episodes of Burn Notice can do better than the standard blue Hanes undershirt.

3. John de Lancie

The mighty Q is apparently appearing as Cuban tourist.  I’m sure it is soothing to my species.

2.Brent Spiner

Is it worth it being a real boy Brent?  With half your face all melty.

1. Denise Crosby.

The whole reason I did this list. The mannish hands.  The clear signs of excessive drinking.  Add a poor flash and an ill fitting shirt and VIOLA! I would sue Wikipedia.