May is FINISHING Month!

by andjustin4all

Welcome to Ambitious Mediocrity’s Finish Things Month.  I know it sounds lame (it’s no Star Trek TNG), but here’s the thing.  I have another great month theme (in fact like 3) lined up but I took a look at my creative life and realized, I still have alot of shit on my plate from as far back as before HB was born that I just have to make happen.  So this month all posts will go to tracking my progress in finishing these endeavors.  This includes a script for my first feature, editing a short silent film, a couple podcasts for AM and finishing off not one, not two, but THREE, count them webseries.  And if I get those done I’ll be able to move on and make  more Ambitious Mediocrity with a clear conscious. Of course that goes against everything Ron Swanson has taught me.