The Life and Death of a Cat.

by andjustin4all

There is a great theme for the month of June and I will be happy to share it tomorrow.  Tonight I would like to say good bye to my friend and cat for the last 12 years, Elliot.  It seems silly on the outside to be so upset.  So upset that my face feels like I’ve been sat on and fist slapped until my sinuses have come detached from my jaw and left my teeth swimming.  But that’s what happens when you make the hard and fast decision to put down a great pet and hope that he will understand.

In your youth, you were a scamp.  A biter.  A shit.  I imagined you would have been quite the drinker and womanizer, but we were pretty sure you were gay.  Soon you mellowed and settled into the life of a debonair gentleman wrapped in a fur and carrying at least 15 extra pounds.  You flaunting your blue eyes and white belly like a weapon, playing hard to get so that when one was finally accepted by him, they felt  like you had just made it past the velvet rope of the animal kingdom.  You became the ultimate lapcat.  Sitting on my chest until I had no choice but to fall asleep underneath you.

I will not miss you waking me for food by licking any available flesh, then when I had covered my head with a pillow, sitting on that pillow and clawing at the top of my head.   Or the licking at all really.  Until my hand or cheek or anything was raw and red.  Or always pissing on things when your box was dirty.  Throwing my lack of attention to sand castle directly in my face.  But I’ll miss the rest.

You survived worms, mites, and just about every other kitten disease.  You even had health insurance when I did not. You survived fire and cross country moves.   You survived a nightly battle with your brother Augie.  But cancer…

Tonight was terrible.  And I hope for anyone who has to make the decision to put down a beloved pet that it is a choice as clear polished crystal on a satin background.  Because ever since I left all I want is to bring him back even its for a couple more nights on the couch just purring and biting my chin as weak as he was.  But he was a selfish cat so why prolong it just for me right?

To Sir Capt. Elliot Bob Milosz Gonzalez Lepper Tierney Esq. of Siam I will drink the rest of the good bourbon and try and sleep.  And cry.  Again.  Like a bitch. Like a middle aged man who just lost a friend.