by andjustin4all

OR DONUT MONTH. Sorry about the all caps. I just get excited about donuts.  As a Massachusetts kid, I have a strong, nostalgic personal relationship with this circular pastry.  So June will be a  sugary salute to the great unhealthy breakfast mainstay.  Unfortunately yesterday was National Doughnut Day and due to aforementioned personal tragedy, I could not launch said month and tell you about the great deals all around like free doughnuts at Dunkin (with purchase of drink) and at Krispy Kreme (no purchase required but then again there’s about 3 KK’s left after their big implosion). I celebrated at Peter Pan in my beloved Greenpoint and partook in a White Creme Chocolate sprinkle donut that cost me the dollar it always cost me.  But we will get to them.  National Doughnut Day was started by the Salvation Army (you know the people who bring you cheap clothes featuring your local high school sports teams) in 1938 to commemorate the volunteers who passed out doughnuts to soldiers on the front lines in World War I.  Which makes me think, who the fuck was passing out doughnuts during WWI.  And how unhappy you must have been to get a doughnut instead of a steak or soup or actual meal.  No seriously imagine being some GI in a trench who hasn’t seen a good meal in 3 months and some bitch in half a helmet comes by with a dozen plain cake donuts and says “go ahead.” You’re right I’m sure I would devour it too.