Personal Hero, Richard Dawson, Dead at 79

by andjustin4all

Today Hogan Hero,  Family Feud (when it was cool) host and Running Man Nemesis Richard Dawson finally lost his battle with cancer. (What a week.)

Now I know most of you remember the Richard as the tuxed out bad ass kissing machine from the Family Feud and until about 10 years ago I would have agreed with you and then, for one glorious summer, I had a the Game Show Network and with it marathon upon marathon of Match Game.  And while Gene Rayburn ran the show it was Richard Dawson (more turtlenecks and plaid then tux in those days) who anchored the show with his suave wit and obvious disdain for the gay panelists.  So here are just about every decent clip I could find of RD doing what RD does: breaking the rules, hitting on girls and telling jokes you know he’d rather have dirty endings to.