RIP 200something-2012

by andjustin4all

i was too lazy to photoshop this on a gravestone. So just imagine.


Back before the internet was already a parody of itself and every pop culture reference was mash up into another, hell before we had gifwalls, we had, and after today we won’t.

Something has to be said for a website that outlived its parent TV show by 3 years and I honestly can’t do that said something better than the saying BWE senior editor Dan Hopper, one of, if not the best pop culture writer on the nets, has already said. At the height of my first serious unemployment stint, became my first bookmark (on INTERNET EXPLORER no less).  I think every pop culture website, including this one, has to owe something to one of the finest compiling tools there was for internet crap in the galaxy.

But I guess that’s what mean ol’ reddit’s for now.