Happy Birthday Dennis Duffy!

by andjustin4all

I would be remiss if I didnt give a Happy 48th to Liz Lemon love, AllState pitchman and terrible first season SVU actor (Ice-T acting upgrade) Dean Winters.  Since NBC are a bunch of youtube Nazis here’s some written wisdom from the beeper king.

They should call this The Weeks.

I could get any girl I want and not just the fatties and the butterfaces.

We’re like Ross and Rachel, but just not gay…

[Reading from a letter] Dear Liz Lemon: While other women have bigger boobs than you, no other woman has as big a heart. When I saw you getting ready to go out and get nailed by a bunch of guys last night, I knew for sure it was over between us, and for the first time since the ‘86 World Series, I cried… I cried like a big, dumb homo. And if it was up to me, we’d be together forever. But there’s a new thing called “women’s liberation,” which gives you women the right to choose and you have chosen to abort me, and that I must live with. So tonight, when you arrive home, I’ll be gone. I officially renounce my squatter’s rights. I’ll always love you. Goodbye and good luck. I’ll never forget you.

I knew that girl was eighteen. She told me that her last boyfriend was Asian, and that crap doesn’t start until college.

Technology is cyclical.

Actually, my beeper doesn’t have a camera. But it does have a pedometer. Actually, not this one.