Vintage Justin and Jason Watch Trailers: Mask

by andjustin4all

Its the first vintage trailer podcast.  Yippie! A little personal background on Mask: scarred me and my brother for life.  I think I was 8 when my Mom decided to tape this off HBO between two movies I did not find completely uncomfortable to be in the same room with, Commando and Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.  Mask is the story of Rocky Dennis, a kid who had a giant deformed head and spoke like he was constantly trying out for NPR.  Add to that Cher playing his Mom and Peter Bogdonovich’s shitty ascot and you have a bonified horror show. (Oh the ascots!)

To take my internet revenge on Mask, we’ve found the trailer from 1985.   Which doesn’t even need a podcast to understand how sucky it is. But what fun would that be.

Mask (1985)