9 Downton Taunts. Good for the new season or streaming.

by andjustin4all

Wrapping up the last of Downton Abbey Season 2 and with Season Three hot on its heels, I give you all 9 ribauld exclamations to flay at the publicly supported screen when it all goes about itself.

9. Ladyship my ass!

8. Hey Laura Linney, git your own serialized period drama!

7. Nice trip Mr. Bates see ya next time your wife blackmails ya!

6. We get it Edith, you can drive!

5. Thomas. The bitchy Queen thing is soooo 70 years from now!

4. What would Khaleesi think Sir Richard?

3. Nice hat, Mary. Not!

2. Hey Padmore! How many fingers am I holdin’ up?

and of course  #1

Suck it O’Brien.