Things I Found Out About My Birthday via Wikipedia.

by andjustin4all

I am August 7th internet sexy.

A) Lots of terrible things happened on my birthday.

Well it’s Assyrian Martyr’s day, there was a failed Ming Dynasty coup which I’m sure ended in beheadings, the last confirmed lynching in North America, The Simele massacre, Holocaust something something, embassy bombings and worst of all Barry Bonds hits 756 and ruins the national pastime.  August 7th is not for the weak.

B) Mike Trout turned 21 today.

Sooooo yeah.  I thought there was nothing worse than having Tom Brady be born 4 days before me.  But having a true baseball phenom that was 3 when I was a senior in high school. Well he’s a jerk.

C) Happy Independence Ivory Coast.

I’m sure that’s working out for you.

D) Marvin Hamlish died.

Actually that happened today and I found out on NBC.  But still. I saw him lead a rendition of Strings on Fire that stays with me til this day.

E) Also share a birthday with Wikipedia beggar Jimmy Wales.

I should bring that up when I try to get myself added on the August 7th list next year.  And THEN I will donate.