I’m in a blog! And it’s not mine Part 2.

by andjustin4all

This is what you’ll see on the Covered blog today if you’re lookin’.Let’s all welcome my painstaking “cut paper” version of the April 1986 version of the Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe into the world.

I still remember buying this issue, as I bought all my comics at the time, at the Newstand below the Fred Villari Karate Studio in Danvers, MA and coming up with wildest excuses as to where I came up with the money. (In reality, it was my own paper route tip money.)

I read this issue so many times that I assumed that characters like the Grey Gargoyle were major players, and long before I retired said comic to the pile of overused cultural magazine, the cover itself became tattered and lost.  So really, this piece is a love letter to that chubby, perjuring greenbelt.