World’s Colliding! Patrick Stewart on Sesame Street saying Number one to an audience of 3 years old thats just want the old guy to leave.

by andjustin4all

Unfortunately, Jerry Nelson, the puppeteer who voiced the purple, number-OCD’d vampire Count von Count on “Sesame Street,” has died at 78. His “ah ah ahhhhhhh” will always be my daughter’s first impression.  Best part is this guy could totally have passed for a vampire himself.

So all the sudden, and much to my daughter’s glee, youtube is flooded with Count Von Count clips and in the Seasame tradition of getting celebrities to do things that would normally be fodder for Funny or Die, Patrick Stewart came on to reprimand the Number One.

As much as I think it may be detrimental to my child’s development, you have to give it up for PBS for appealing to the people who are gonna change the channel.