Community Watch: Pilot and Episode 2

by andjustin4all

This is what friendship looks like.

Community is personally baffling to me.  When this show was announced, it was a the perfect geeky TV hard on.  It featured Joel McHale (The Soup and those Burger King commericials), the Russo Brothers (Arrested Development), the guy who made up Heat Vision and Jack (the great TV myth of the late 90’s), and the possible return of the good Chevy Chase (Eddie Murphy not so fast). So of course I watched the pilot and liked it. At least I remember liking it.  And that was about it. I work nights so most of my primetime watching is done retroactively on Hulu, Netflix, VHS,  but while I made simular wheelhouse dwellers, 30 Rock and Parks and Rec appointment internet watching, Community continuly fell by the wayside.  And for no reason.  It’s funny, super nerd approved, and recenty gained an Oscar winner.*  It’s not like I knew alot of people who were head over heels for it either.  AND I LIVE IN BROOKLYN. (just lost you didn’t I) The shows I watched I liked but I guess maybe I never needed this show.  So in celebration, of their upcoming new season that keeps getting pushed back because Dan Harmon isn’t there and the show can’t even get me to watch it, and my new Hulu Plus subscription I’ve decided to watch all 71 Community Episodes annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd

you’re welcome.

*Jim Rash (The Principal) won Best Adapted Screenplay with Alexander Payne and that guy from Ben and Kate who looks like a jock Seth Meyers. 

1.1 Pilot

This is the one where: its the pilot.

Best line:  I was raised on television to believe that every black woman over 50 is a cosmic mentor.

Overall: I was surprised how good it was.  Despite having a problem with how forced the device of a study group that never ends is, it was a wonderful first episode. I remember liking it but its rare when a pilot comes in, with the exception of Troy’s character, so fully formed, they stopped being a study group and started being a Community. Also I can see why Chevy Chase called doing Community a mistake.  It must have been hard looking at Joel McHale everyday and seeing Ty Webb’s doppleganger quipping back and forth and reminding that his career was choked to death with piano wire in 1992.

Several honest laughs.

Grade: B+


This is the one where: Annie and Shirley want to be political and make brownies, Aded and Troy get good and Pierce and Jeff put together a Spanish presentation that ends up looking like a Jodorowsky fever dream.

Best Line: Shirley: This is real damn paper. There’s a Marmaduke in here.

Overall: Big improvement on the opening but MAN does Britta suck. Is she why I didn’t watch this show? Well it should have been made up for by Senor Chang. But seriously, if I were Jeff Winger I would have shot her in the face.  Now that sounds sexual I know. Or did I just make it sexual. EITHER WAY.  Stop bringing down the show! Good thing the Abed and Troy connection took 12:43 into Episode 2 to become magic.  I really like that it took Troy exactly one and half episodes to go from dumb jock to…… well Donald Glover. And then there’s Jeff and Pierce’s presentation. I think it’s the Aimee Mann that does it for me.

And then this happened:

OMG! This is why people like this show. Lets do more of that Dan Harmon. We will see.

Grade: A-