Community Watch: Ep.3-5 Into the stride we go.

by andjustin4all

A little preamble.  I will be referring to Dan Harmon from now on as Mr. Harmon since it seems he’s a little testy on Twitter.

First of all, I am TOTALLY a late pants.  I admitted that fully already and I understand as a filmmaker and a father the kneejerk reaction of having a child criticized.  But don’t think I didn’t enjoy the uptake in hits to the site because of it. I love Mr. Harmon’s mind like I’m sure my Mom loved Tom Jones at one time and have no place to piss him off further. I just want to use this as an excuse to watch the show.

But that being said, well Episode Three ain’t great.

Episode 1.3

This is the one where: The guy who played Dave Letterman helps Jeff seize the day.  Abed makes a movie about his Dad.

Best line: Shazbat! (Actually it was more about Joel McHale in rainbow suspenders, but that was it.)

Overall: An early flop. Episode three marks the first clear attempt at tear jerking in this show annnnnnnnnnd doesn’t get there. I get it: Abed’s Mom left him but I just met the guy and this show isn’t about emotions at all. Jeff siezes the day on a technicality and I never actually laughed until the very end when Troy, Abed and Jeff Krump.  Really this whole show should have been about Krumping.  Hopefully this is what Mr. Harmon is bringing to Adult Swim.

Grade: C (saved by Krumping)

Episode 1.4

This is the one where:  Jeff and Shirley bond with hate, and Annie gets a storyline!

Best line: Shirley: My kids got hamsters with bigger nips.

Overall: Welcome back John Oliver and Ken Jeong. Donald Glover crawling out, using only his arms was a plus (the Soul Train Awards were tonight!) Jeff and Shirley hating on Britta’s hippy boyfriend was very relatable to hater like myself.  It was nice to see Annie get some time cause Alison Brie is hot.  Troy and Abed end it beautifully again calling Jeff, Dr Doogie Seacrest.  Try not laughing at that.  What you can’t?  That’s because you’re not dead inside.

Grade: Back on track. B.

Episode 1.5

This is the one where: Senor Chang catches someone cheating.  Troy teaches Abed how to be messed with. Chevy makes the school song.

Best line: Dean Pelton: Dean ya later.

Overall: “Remember when we used to study Spanish.” I give them credit for acknowledging no one was gonna buy this device for more than 5 episodes. It also took 5 episodes to realize the ancillary characters are where the jokes are.  Chang and Oliver have amazing chemistry especially when arguing, Dean Pelton’s pride and a lovely Starburns cameo. Britta once again proves they could have done this show with one less character. That being said, Chang should not comment on anyone’s cock size.  Chevy Chase stealing Bruce Hornsby was a nice plus ending.

Grade: B+