Happy 68th Martin Campbell. Now I know why Green Lantern sucked.

by andjustin4all

Because there’s no way that movie should have been made by someone older than my Mom. I’m sorry. I am a total ageist fuck and Martin Campbell has shown a cruise ship full of talent during his 40 years of directing including two of my favorite recent Bond movies Golden Eye and Casino Royale but Green Lantern, as well as alllll comic book movies are a younger geekier man’s game. (see Whedon, Joss) To be played by Nathan Fillion of course, not this:

and to be directed by apparently anyone else. Like:

5. Rian Johnson (I did Looper)
4. The Wachowskis (But we blew whatever cache we had left making Cloud Atlas)
3. Duncan Jones (cool win)
2. Neil Blomkamp! (Triple cool effects Win)
1. Gareth Edwards (he’s already rockin a really exciting reboot too)

But I will totally watch when you direct Idris Elba’s first bond film.