Community Watch Ep.6-9: Save the show. Lose the white people.

by andjustin4all

Don’t think I didn’t notice the lack of “Starting Oct. 19th” promos this time HULU.  Which is OK.  There was plenty of Community news this week.  Chevy Chase said the N-word in context and still caused it to end up on The View.  Then this video happened. Did I mention these photos. But no one cares. Right Abed?

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Episode 1.6

This is the one where:  The Dean tries to blackmail Jeff to get Troy to play football.  Britta goes to the bathroom with others.

Best Line:  If you said jump he’d say, How high? If you said stop, he’d say, Hammer Time. – Dean Pelton

Overall: Dean Pelton really came at this one and it really highlights what I’ve concluded is missing in this show: The deaths of Jeff and Britta (and maybe Pierce).  Jeff is the star so not possible, but I want meaner faster less feeling Jeff ala John C. McGinley in Scrubs. After 6 episodes, I see Jeff and Britta like french fries.  Alone they have a fatty blandness, but really they are really just vehicles for salt.  DELICIOUS SALT (sometimes pepper or mostly ketchup.)  Dan Harmon almost has the greatest minority sitcom of all time in his hands.  Which would be perfect on Adult Swim.  Right Dan?

Grade: B

Episode 1.7

This is the one where: Jeff wants to date his teacher. Annie throws a Day of the Dead party.

Best Line: Troy: Can I ask you someting Ive always wanted to ask the real Batman?

Abed: Yes.

Troy: Am I good looking?

Or really anything Abed says while Batman.

Overall:  The real star of this episode is Troy’s mustache for his Eddie Murphy costume.  And Abed as Batman was highly amusing and a welcome antidote to the rash of Jokers that year.  Pierce has a existential Im getting old realization that I was hoping Chevy Chase would have had 10 years previous.  But overall I’m just pissed Jeff isn’t getting laid.  Just let it happen. Oh wait I just looked it up and really hot Catherine Zeta-Jones standin type teacher will be back. And also made several appearances on Burn Notice this year.  Well well well. Good. For. Her.

Grade: C+

Episode 1.8

This is the one where:  Jeff is living in his car. Annie helps Troy date not her.  And I should mention to Hulu that the “Bing it on” challenge is just irrelevant.  No one really cares which search engine they use.  Google won already cause it had a cooler name than Ask Jeeves and Altavista (which still have websites).  Give it up. Or get added by

Best Line: Damn I picked the wrong couple to follow out of class this morning.  Britta and Jeff are dead air. – Shirley

I’m kinda the Hawkeye around here.  – Dr. Patton Oswalt (I really wanted this to be the best line.)

Overall:  “Getting Ridda Britta/ Pierce is a B” could be a fantastic start to making meme songs.   More of these?  Currently on my scale of caring about Britta and Jeff: 2 (I know I just said they should die.) But really Jeff is not the emotion heart of this show stop forcing it on him. (3 years ago.)

Grade: B-