Community Watch: Pierce Hawthorne is dead. Long live Pierce Hawthorne. (just kidding enjoy irrelevance)

by andjustin4all

Our long comedy nightmare is over.  Again.

This week brought us the news that Chevy Chase has again “totally assholed” his way out of Community.  Leaving the show without its natural foil and its most shallow character.  Not to make this a Bill Simmons article but I can’t help think of Chevy Chase’s career in terms of someone like Dontrelle Willis.  Both had Hall of Fame numbers very early in their career and but injuries (in comedy, I think acerbic personality counts) led to a mid career that was only buoyed by who they used to be and then one day (for Chevy it was 2000) suddenly you’re leading lists of Where Are They Now columns.  Community represented a chance for Chevy to spend his later years as a closer or shut down 8th inning man but after getting a few strike outs he decided he had to start again and the Chevy.  Enjoy your Golden years of irrelevance.  I will be sure to stay off your lawn.

Episode 1.9

This is the one where:  Jeff joins the Debate Team.  Abed’s films are FROM THE FUTURE!!!

Best Line: Great try Bruce! Great try!  – Greendale “Really Gay” Basketball Coach

This is a real barnburner. Oh my God. Did I just say crossburner? – Pierce

Overall:  It started slow but really picked up once we were introduced to debate team archenemy Jeremy Simmons (thoughts on bringing him back to replace Chase.) Who is as shitty and self involved as all wheelchair bound tend to be.  Britta and Pierce’s storyline could be scrapped, but all is forgiven because we get a nice Alison Brie cleavage shot.  Since she is the attractive one on this show and the one Jeff should be macking on. Fake Abed and Troy (from Abed’s movies) ending was perfect.  As always. Grade: B or 32C (Alison Brie’s cup size. I looked it up.)


Episode 1.10

This is the one where: Greendale goes environmental. Senor Chang assigns a 20 page paper.  Troy is scared of rats.

Best line: Yeah go tongue Chang!  – Pierce responding to “You’re the one with the silver tongue.” And I realize Pierce has had the best lines in the last two episodes.  Too bad these could have been delivered by Donald Glover and been even funnier.

Overall: Chang’s office is AMAZING.  Full of bull testicles and El Tigre posters. Plus my daughter made the same crying sound as Professor Chang.  Seriously. It was like she was feeling the pain of his divorce with him. Excellent use of “Somewhere Out There” from American Tale to a Celtic backbeat while Chang dances to win back his wife and Troy overcomes his fears. The highpoint of the series so far.

Grade: A- Troy and Abed endings are now getting their own independent relative grade. Pepper water. A. Again.

Episode 1.11

This is the one where: STD Fair. Winger’s looking for a date. Abed keeps beating Troy at stuff.

Best Line: Congra-horrible.  Exclamation point, my idea.

Overall: Wheel of remorse, not OVER THE TOP references.  I’m a sucker for mid period Stallone.  Throw in some “I’m the disease and you’re the cure.” While you’re at it.  But they did say Penis alot towards the end.

Grade: B-  T+A: so cute when’s he’s sleeping B+