Community Watch: Ep.12-14: Spicy guest star gumbo. (It’s late)

by andjustin4all

Did you know Community is getting it’s own convention?. Not kidding. I wanted to say this is a little early but then I’m reminded that the great great creepy uncle of convention worthy shows, Star Trek, was only 3 episodes longer when they spawned their own weekend of worship. According to it will be Feb 9th-10th right after this season’s premiere of Community and be held at GREENDALE!!! (or LACC where the exteriors of Community are shot). Nothing like the threat of premature cancellation to get the people together.



This is the one where: Comm’s first Xmas episode! Shirley throws a very denominational Christmas party. Anthony Michael Hall (Griswald reunion alert!) plays a bully.(side note: What major Big Bang episode shoot/ inflated sense of self/ lack of dollar sign bags could have kept Christmas Vacation Rusty, Johhny Galecki out of the Old Navy reunion commercial. I mean Juliette Lewis HAS A BAND and she was there.)

Best Line: For the same reason I keep my guitar in my case, I’m over 23. – Jeff (it doesn’t matter what the set up to that line is. I will be using it tomorrow.)

A salaam alaikum. – Abed Shammalamma ding dong. – Troy

If this dude doesn’t show up we are definitely going to Applebee’s. – AMH (I forgot his character’s name already.)

Overall: Shirley is really starting to grow on me as the show’s emotional center/ den mother of the show but the star of this episode is Anthony Michael Hall’s transition from Breakfast clubbing nerdy shit to live at the gym tough guy. AMH plays another great “in school” villain that starts a inspired “3 o’clock at the bike rack” battle that ends in epic Xmas prop destruction.

Grade: A T+A: Xmas Troy B+


That’s funny. MOVING ON!


This is the one where: New semester. New Jeff (Abed says Hawkeye). And Jack Black is the guy from Spanish no one remembers (real life parallels.) The Dean resurrects college paper.

Best Line: This is the first desk I’ve seen in months that doesn’t say “Zepplin Rulez” on it. (Z is my assumption) – Jeff

Overall: Great use of Britta and Annie fighting in dream foam.

Great Chang fake death intro. I’ve always wanted to drag Jack Black out of a room kicking and screaming as Jeff does. So A+ for id satisfaction. Even more shocking, I enjoyed Jack Black for the first time in about 6 years. Jack Black’s career is interesting because Jack is a package. With him you’re gonna a get a round comic that moves in fits and starts, yells, sings, and may talk in rock words (i.e. Dude) and if you put that in the right context “Lovable loser” you can extend said schtick for another five years. Jeff’s “journey” is also a great example of this show’s incredible self awareness. There’s also a great suprise Owen Wilson twist ending.

Grade: A T+A: C too much Pierce. Good to see Starburns speak. High fives all around this episode.



This is the one where: Troy is taking dance lessons but so is Britta. Jeff is banging Professor Slater for real this time. Directed by Justin Lin (MR FAST AND FURIOUS HIMSELF)

Best Line: …our Library’s Backdoor Conundrum. – Annie       Sounds like a porno with Kate Winslet. – Abed

Overall: Not great. The episode that brought us the Jim Belushi of… analogy turned out the Jim Belushi of episodes. Still great by name not great by execution. Thanks for bringing back Professor Slater. The hot chick ratio was getting low.  She is played by Lauren Stamile, who I was so sure I had seen before I made one of those irretractable outloud mental bets. Turns out that unless she made a really lasting impression on me on The Drew Carey Show 11 years ago. Nein. I don’t know why I shared I guess I didn’t have alot to offer in this recap.

UPDATE: No sooner did I send this post off to the world when I saw this.

SHE’S A COMMERCIAL ACTRESS! WHERE IS THEIR IMDB? I remember this commercial because the first time I saw this I thought who fucking cast these women as sisters? We are all ashamed here at AM.

Grade: C  T+A: crossword C+