How much is a phone call from Jake the Snake Roberts?

by andjustin4all



Let’s ask 12 year old me?

Justin35: How much would a phone call from Jake the Snake be worth?

Justin12: Is this from the future? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! (phone slam) (crying) (in a muffled tone) Why are you so fa-aa-at? (sniff) (sniff) (fart)

Later on, Justin12 would reveal his number to be about a billion.  But the real answer is…

Picture 4

$30! That’s right amigos.  Just donate one Hammy and Jax, one Andy and Alex towards the rebuilding of a shoulder that has thrown more men into a DDT than an errant 1950’s farming combine, and you, Justin12 can get a phone call from one of pro wrestling’s all time bad asses and Sam Elliot impersonators. (Honestly, he could have just gotten the money that way.) What? That’s not even kind of enough for you.  Try going full out?

Picture 6

Learn the business of prowrestling from a guy who needs to crowd source a new shoulder!  Now mind you, this is a fantastic opportunity, and as of my typing Jake is already $10,000 past his goal, so I don’t think he needs the money any more.  So, here’s the deal?  I don’t have 400 bucks but I would love to interview Jake.  I have a feeling the 30 buck phonecall won’t get much more than a gravelly thank you. The $400 will get me 4 calls and get you the greatest Ambitious Mediocrity podcast EVER.

Please. Help Justin12 live this dream. (Btw I’m keeping that money!)