I played a dog and I liked it.

by andjustin4all

Never work with kids or animals according to you know “people.”  I would suggest never working in an animal costume.  Especially one that has a battery operated fan in the head without a battery. That is a clear indication that you need more oxygen then the suit is willing to provide and at about minute 3 of a 3 and half minute song that oxygen will run out and you will suddenly feel like the people of Druidia being attacked by Mega Maid.

Also don’t prop an upright bass on the back of a piano because that upright bass will have no choice but to fall over and the fingerboard will break off. That’s just a thing apparently. A really expensive thing. And the slow breathing heroin addict that reminds of a homeless Gareth from the UK Office will stare at you like you just stepped on the throat of his daughter. Which I did not.

Otherwise I got to meet the Dad from Undeclared.

Loundon’s new album is “Haven’t Got the Blues (Yet)”