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19th Street Marquee Thursday: THE RETURN

With it housing multiple viewings of The Vow and Gone.  The Marquee itself has been quite obnoxiously spacious but thank god for the laziness of

This Means War Safe (1953) A delightful romp starring Gary Cooper as a former World War 2 captain who believes he has invented the greatest and safest helmet ever.  So he spends all his money on a prototype and goes to Washington, but is rebuffed door after door.  So instead of giving up, he comes up with crazy plan to start a war with Mexico just to prove how effective his warwear can be.


19th Street Marquee Thursday!!!


I have a favorite movie theater marquee. My wife thinks I’m the only one but I’m sure after you have all been exposed the wonders of the Loews 19th Street theater marquee and its distain for spacing and context, mine will no longer be a crowd of one.

Black Sherlock (1975) Sherman Lock (Jim Brown) is possessed by the ghost of 19th century English police officer and is sent to track down the evil Moriarty who has inhabited the body of a local pimp (Melvin Van Peeples) who plans on destroying the Empire State Building.

The Woman Miracle (1999) Rob (Rob Schneider) hasn’t been able to get a date since he split up with his wife until he goes to magic pawn shop run by Eddie Griffin and he gives him a magic wedding ring for his old one. Now he can he can have any woman he wants except his ex Beth (Claire Forlani).

Tin Beauty (1984) Richard Gere stars as a down on his luck mechanic with a dream to race his Paris Motocross Grand Prix. It will warm you heart and change the way you see racing. With Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio.