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FRACAS! is coming FRACAS! is coming!


Even more info here.Fracas


John Goodman is now a t-shirt or throw pillow. SLEEP ON JOHN GOODMAN!!!

Nap really.

John Goodman in pinkScreen shot 2013-08-07 at 2.20.04 AM

Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 2.20.23 AM

Arrested Development Owls the complete set so far. The Etsy shop is Open.

buster bluth owl annyong owlgob owlmichael bluth owllindsay bluth owlgeorge sr owllucille1 bluth owlgeorge-michael bluthtobias funke owlmaeby funke owllucille2 owl


The new shop is here.  They are selling fast.

Star Wars/ And 1 mashup #5: Darth Fadeaway!!!

Darth FadeawayPrint 5/5 of the series.  Just imagine Darth doing the inside/ out step back Hakeem Olajuwon style. BUY SOME PRINTS BITCHES!!!


Star Wars / And 1 prints continue: C-3-Free-Throw



Prints, shirts and general mayhem available at Society 6.

Star Wars / And 1 print #2: PRINCESS LEI-UP!!!

Head to Society 6 and grab a splendid iPhone cover and or stuff.  And free shipping until July 14th. 



and don’t forget about Chewblocka!

Star Wars/ And1 prints now on sale. And it is about time.

So I was working a lunch shift one day with the beautifully rotund Glenn Marshall and this happened.

What a wookie!

What a wookie!

And so did four more. Well now the first of this series is on sale at Society6 as a print/t-shirt/THROWPILLOW!  And if you click through here its free shipping until July 14th!  Expect 4 more from Series One in the coming days.  And May the Force put my kid through college.

More AD Owls!

Gob Owl IMG_1087 IMG_1086


Sorry but all of the originals of these owls are sold. Prints to come if there is demand. But I thought it would be nice to see what you missed out on.

I contributed to the Arrested Development madness in my own way

With owls.