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Posting Everything I Have Left For Communist Month. Get Ready.

This is just a book cover I found.  Totally Commie.

Best of Communist T-shirts I could find on the net.

In honor of my MaObama t shirt that my brother scooped for me from China I found several more wonderful Communist T-shirt just in case you want to have your own Communism Month or for any occasion.

For the Star Wars fan:

For the foodie comedian:

For the nostalgic:

For Cat lovers:

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Cosmonauts as Children’s Book

It’s an odd book about tolerance and semiotics called The Three Astronauts but Umberto Eco can make a lovely collage.  And it’s about Russian Cosmos.  So there’s the tie-in.

cracked april 1987

New Favorite Google Image Search: SOVIET ROBOT!!!

And this is what I got.  This is what I should be doing with my life.

you are all welcome.

Soviets were also awesome at space posters!

Just a sampling of Soviet space propaganda I found over at Retronaut.

Strangely simular color scheme though.