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Community Watch: Ep.12-14: Spicy guest star gumbo. (It’s late)

Did you know Community is getting it’s own convention?. Not kidding. I wanted to say this is a little early but then I’m reminded that the great great creepy uncle of convention worthy shows, Star Trek, was only 3 episodes longer when they spawned their own weekend of worship. According to it will be Feb 9th-10th right after this season’s premiere of Community and be held at GREENDALE!!! (or LACC where the exteriors of Community are shot). Nothing like the threat of premature cancellation to get the people together.



This is the one where: Comm’s first Xmas episode! Shirley throws a very denominational Christmas party. Anthony Michael Hall (Griswald reunion alert!) plays a bully.(side note: What major Big Bang episode shoot/ inflated sense of self/ lack of dollar sign bags could have kept Christmas Vacation Rusty, Johhny Galecki out of the Old Navy reunion commercial. I mean Juliette Lewis HAS A BAND and she was there.)

Best Line: For the same reason I keep my guitar in my case, I’m over 23. – Jeff (it doesn’t matter what the set up to that line is. I will be using it tomorrow.)

A salaam alaikum. – Abed Shammalamma ding dong. – Troy

If this dude doesn’t show up we are definitely going to Applebee’s. – AMH (I forgot his character’s name already.) Read the rest of this entry »


Community Watch: Pierce Hawthorne is dead. Long live Pierce Hawthorne. (just kidding enjoy irrelevance)

Our long comedy nightmare is over.  Again.

This week brought us the news that Chevy Chase has again “totally assholed” his way out of Community.  Leaving the show without its natural foil and its most shallow character.  Not to make this a Bill Simmons article but I can’t help think of Chevy Chase’s career in terms of someone like Dontrelle Willis.  Both had Hall of Fame numbers very early in their career and but injuries (in comedy, I think acerbic personality counts) led to a mid career that was only buoyed by who they used to be and then one day (for Chevy it was 2000) suddenly you’re leading lists of Where Are They Now columns.  Community represented a chance for Chevy to spend his later years as a closer or shut down 8th inning man but after getting a few strike outs he decided he had to start again and the Chevy.  Enjoy your Golden years of irrelevance.  I will be sure to stay off your lawn.

Episode 1.9

This is the one where:  Jeff joins the Debate Team.  Abed’s films are FROM THE FUTURE!!!

Best Line: Great try Bruce! Great try!  – Greendale “Really Gay” Basketball Coach

This is a real barnburner. Oh my God. Did I just say crossburner? – Pierce Read the rest of this entry »

Community Watch Ep.6-9: Save the show. Lose the white people.

Don’t think I didn’t notice the lack of “Starting Oct. 19th” promos this time HULU.  Which is OK.  There was plenty of Community news this week.  Chevy Chase said the N-word in context and still caused it to end up on The View.  Then this video happened. Did I mention these photos. But no one cares. Right Abed?

Also Hulu Plus is offering me free Hulu Plus if I recommend you.  So let me recommend that you hit me up.

Episode 1.6

This is the one where:  The Dean tries to blackmail Jeff to get Troy to play football.  Britta goes to the bathroom with others. Read the rest of this entry »

Community Watch: Ep.3-5 Into the stride we go.

A little preamble.  I will be referring to Dan Harmon from now on as Mr. Harmon since it seems he’s a little testy on Twitter.

First of all, I am TOTALLY a late pants.  I admitted that fully already and I understand as a filmmaker and a father the kneejerk reaction of having a child criticized.  But don’t think I didn’t enjoy the uptake in hits to the site because of it. I love Mr. Harmon’s mind like I’m sure my Mom loved Tom Jones at one time and have no place to piss him off further. I just want to use this as an excuse to watch the show.

But that being said, well Episode Three ain’t great.

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Community Watch: Pilot and Episode 2

This is what friendship looks like.

Community is personally baffling to me.  When this show was announced, it was a the perfect geeky TV hard on.  It featured Joel McHale (The Soup and those Burger King commericials), the Russo Brothers (Arrested Development), the guy who made up Heat Vision and Jack (the great TV myth of the late 90’s), and the possible return of the good Chevy Chase (Eddie Murphy not so fast). So of course I watched the pilot and liked it. At least I remember liking it.  And that was about it. I work nights so most of my primetime watching is done retroactively on Hulu, Netflix, VHS,  but while I made simular wheelhouse dwellers, 30 Rock and Parks and Rec appointment internet watching, Community continuly fell by the wayside.  And for no reason.  It’s funny, super nerd approved, and recenty gained an Oscar winner.*  It’s not like I knew alot of people who were head over heels for it either.  AND I LIVE IN BROOKLYN. (just lost you didn’t I) The shows I watched I liked but I guess maybe I never needed this show.  So in celebration, of their upcoming new season that keeps getting pushed back because Dan Harmon isn’t there and the show can’t even get me to watch it, and my new Hulu Plus subscription I’ve decided to watch all 71 Community Episodes annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd

you’re welcome.

*Jim Rash (The Principal) won Best Adapted Screenplay with Alexander Payne and that guy from Ben and Kate who looks like a jock Seth Meyers. 

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