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After months of editing and procrastination, the donut podcast has arrived.  I took myself, my daughter and the lovely Kristie Malevindi across several donut haunts in Brooklyn and the big island looking for my new favorite donut.

Just for reference here are a few of the stops we made (in chronological order).

Dunkin Donuts – 643 Manhattan Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11222

Peter Pan- 727 Manhattan Avenue New York, NY 11222

Dough- 305 Franklin Avenue, New York, NY

Dunwell’s- 222 Montrose Avenue  Brooklyn, NY 11206

Pies N’ Thighs – 166 South 4th Street  Brooklyn, NY 11211

Donut Pub – 203 West 14th Street  Manhattan, NY 10011

Donut Plant – 220 West 23rd Street  New York, NY 10011

Penn Station – 34th between 7th and 8th New York, NY 10012

Note: I have since tried the elusive Creme Brulee donut at Donut Plant and it maybe number 4.


Donut Jokes!!!!!

The Best of the Dunkin’ Donuts Commercials of the 80’s

I still use that old hide the mustache with the finger trick.

The “Time to make the donuts” Guy was so big in Massachusetts I remember where I was the day he died.  And I lived in New York at the time.  And was in Minnesota.  It ruined my whole Christmas.

Well here’s a terrible idea: Donut Vodka.

Well fresh on the heels of those current vodka flavor failures, whipped cream and marshmallow, comes something that would make Dostoevsky spin in his grave so fast you could power the factory making this crap: IT’S GLAZED DONUT VODKA brought to you by 360 Vodka.  The eco-friendly leader in producing Russian literary death turbines has in the past also brought us  Double Chocolate, Grape and Cola Vodka.  Lucky us. And if that’s not sickening enough the 360 people have generously supplied their retailers with some disgusting cocktail suggestions that I’m sure were made up by the 16 years that were the eventual target audience anyway.

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OR DONUT MONTH. Sorry about the all caps. I just get excited about donuts.  As a Massachusetts kid, I have a strong, nostalgic personal relationship with this circular pastry.  So June will be a  sugary salute to the great unhealthy breakfast mainstay.  Unfortunately yesterday was National Doughnut Day and due to aforementioned personal tragedy, I could not launch said month and tell you about the great deals all around like free doughnuts at Dunkin (with purchase of drink) and at Krispy Kreme (no purchase required but then again there’s about 3 KK’s left after their big implosion). I celebrated at Peter Pan in my beloved Greenpoint and partook in a White Creme Chocolate sprinkle donut that cost me the dollar it always cost me.  But we will get to them.  National Doughnut Day was started by the Salvation Army (you know the people who bring you cheap clothes featuring your local high school sports teams) in 1938 to commemorate the volunteers who passed out doughnuts to soldiers on the front lines in World War I.  Which makes me think, who the fuck was passing out doughnuts during WWI.  And how unhappy you must have been to get a doughnut instead of a steak or soup or actual meal.  No seriously imagine being some GI in a trench who hasn’t seen a good meal in 3 months and some bitch in half a helmet comes by with a dozen plain cake donuts and says “go ahead.” You’re right I’m sure I would devour it too.