I Did This So You Don’t Have To: THE HUNGER GAMES

Sorry I meant to record this about a week ago but instead lost my voice. An integral part to any podcasting endeavor. Also editing this took FOREVs. Anyway welcome to the inaugural I Did This So You Don’t Have To podcast. Where I usually read/ or absorb through science, a relevant piece of media in order that you my listeners may stay lazy. This episode I read the Hunger Games. Condense and rewordgutate in your baby bird mouths. Did not see the movie mind you. But I got a review of that from the lovely Sarah Levine. Enjoy.

I should mention there are mad spoilers. So if you might want to read this, don’t listen to this podcast. This is for the uncaring or people who listen to anything Hunger Games.
IDTSYDHT: The Hunger Games!!!!