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I wish I was… Darren Ward

In case you were unaware I am obsessed with The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe or as it’s more charmingly nicknamed OHOTMU.  So when I came across this blog dedicated to redesign and drawing every character from the mid 80’s comic encyclopedia, I immeeeeediately spent the next day and half scrolling through every entry and became insanely jealous that there was little or no way I would get to be part of it. FUUUUUUUCK!

Anywho, I kept coming back to certain characters and turns out they were all drawn by Darren Ward. Someone at Marvel get this guy his own Teen Titany cartoon on Disney or something. Now. I can’t stand that baby Avengers nonsense.


Crimson Dynamo final

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I wish I was… Chris Sanders

Maybe you remember the last of the great pre Pixar Disney movies: Lilo & Stitch.  Or maybe you remember a little Scottish thing called How To Train Your Dragon?  Well that’s Chris Sanders and these unused storyboards from his new movie The Croods make me depressed that I ever put pen to paper.  These are more beautiful and complete than anything I’ve ever attempted and kinda hope that the new movie is just an animatic of stuff like this. I MEAN LOOK AT HER TOES DAMNNIT! (I should also mention he was a model designer for the Muppet Babies too.)

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I wish I was: The Art Director for the Melbourne Metro

Then I could say I was responsible for one of the truly adorable/funny/beheadingly great PSAs of all time.  Take that Latter Day Saints.

Look for more stuff by animator Julian Frost here.

I wish I was…. Amanda Visell

I had no idea who this girl was until yesterday but she has been officially bookmarked. I love these fantastically whimsical paintings but my real love comes for her painted wood sculptures.  I love these things unconditionally like my daughter and if you think you may have forgotten my birthday, Xmas, wedding, you can find and buy her stuff at

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I wish I was: Overweight Korean Pop Stars.

I’m pretty sure if I had the money and beatz to make such a music video, I would now film it in Korea. Or at least grab that kid from the first 27 seconds.

You’re welcome.

I wish I was… Roman Mars.

I would say I have a new favorite podcast about once every 3 months or so and it runs a similar cycle.  Download every episode. Listen to every episode.  Burn out.  See the circled exclamation point that says, “iTunes has stopped updating this podcast because you have not listened to any episodes recently. Would you like to resume updating this podcast?”

I can guarantee you Roman Mars’s 99% Invisible is not one of them and never will be. Podcasting has its great storytellers in Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad, but Mars is its poet laureate.   There’s no excuse to not subscribe.  They are short around: 10-12 minutes.  Interesting: focused mostly around the more “invisible” aspects of everyday design but none of this matters.  I could listen to Roman Mars read Letters To Cleo lyrics in Czech because his sound design is so layered and subtley beautiful every episode is like listening to a flower open.  Yeah I went there.

So Roman if you’re reading this: make more.  But not too much.  I want to have some sort of a life.

I wish I was…. Japanese.

Cause only a Japanese scientist/designer could come up with an actual working wooden lightbulb.

Of course then my name would Ryosuke Fukusada and that is just too many U’s.

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I wish I was… Mel Blanc. Duh.

I hate watching documentaries about inspiring people since it makes me feel like a loser which leads me to watching more documentaries about inspiring people. Without pants. Drinking Diet Coke. Living the dream. Welcome to the Mediocrity Vortex people. I just found a new blog category.

Things I wish I did: Star Trek Kids Book

Now I don’t sew, as any hole in my crotch can tell you, and I’m all out of felt so making what I’m about to show you is close to an impossibility as the rules of physics demand.  But damn I wish I had.  So Julie Gillrie, I salute you.  While you can’t purchase this book you can buy the PDF to make your own here for 10 bones.

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I wish I was… Ágreda