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Totoro Thing of the Day: Boxing Day 2012 T-SHIRT MASHUPS!!!!

Miss someone over the holidays? Well here’s my present to you then. Find them here.

For the Totoro/Bender fan…


For the Totoro/AirBender fan…


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Totoro Thing of Day! 12/12/12 Olly Moss poster release!

Maybe you need a birthday present for my friend Kristie?  Well here it is. Quick note: there is no one I am more jealous of then Olly Moss.  It borders on hate.  But how can I when I love his work so much. Anyway he(and Mondo)’s releasing this to the world on December 16th:

totoro-1Get ready to mash buttons.  More details here or @mondonews

More evidence that George Lucas should give it up.

This is a short by Otaking77077.  I don’t know who this is but I mean seriously.  And how cool would it be just to have a series about a Emperial squadron.

Music by Sleigh Bells.

MMMMMMMM Tartakovsky Star Wars

This is what happens when George Lucas lets the reigns loose just a bit………

I’m in a blog! And it’s not mine!

I just got the word that Monday I will have some art featured in the Covered Blog. If you never perused the Covered Blog its a blog devoted to doing tributes to classic comic book covers. I’m not gonna show mine off until the day off but for instance,



I recommend anyone who has any sort of love for comics to submit something.

So mine will be something like that. I’m excited and a preemptive thanks to Robert Goodin for including me on my second try.

Best of Communist T-shirts I could find on the net.

In honor of my MaObama t shirt that my brother scooped for me from China I found several more wonderful Communist T-shirt just in case you want to have your own Communism Month or for any occasion.

For the Star Wars fan:

For the foodie comedian:

For the nostalgic:

For Cat lovers:

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Cosmonauts as Children’s Book

It’s an odd book about tolerance and semiotics called The Three Astronauts but Umberto Eco can make a lovely collage.  And it’s about Russian Cosmos.  So there’s the tie-in.

Justin and Kevin Watch Trailers: Lots of Trailers

It was irresponsible of me not to post a podcast last week so I’m making it up with 3 TRAILERS in 2 PODCASTS!!! with my old friend and favorite painter KEVIN CYR!!!  We talk Brave, Meeting Evil, and the Tilda Swinton comedy I Think We Need To Talk About Kevin.


There’s Something About Kevin Meeting Evil!!!

You can find Kevin at and if you don’t believe that Kevin’s great, how many times have you been in the NY TIMES!!!!.com

I wish I was…. Scott Wills.

and made Samurai Jack backgrounds for a living.