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FRACAS! is coming FRACAS! is coming!


Even more info here.Fracas


A one woman show half written by a man!!! With a kick ass poster! SCANDAL!

donnakillposterRGBWell isn’t a great week for self promotion.  So if you’re not doing anything on VDay (or even if you are.) Stop by the PIT around 11pm and enjoy the fruits of my and Donna Lobello’s 6 month labor.  Her one woman show!!! Where she kills herself!!! Cause lets face it, she is not really worth the air we breath AMIRITE?!

Did I mention I made a kick-ass poster for the event (see above)?

And this was our Web series… or did you forget?

New Web Series Announcement!

There will be one.  New Year’s Eve.  Whale Vs. Shark: THE SHOW is finally here.

It will look something like this.

Except with funny talking.  And drawn.  Pretty poorly really.  But TOTALLY THE SAME.

Now that Hostess is gone come see the best in prepackaged filth. I’m MCing comedy!


I think I said it all above.


2 Havemeyer St. Brooklyn

TONIGHT! DEC. 11th (never forget)




Good beer.

Super great beard.

or go here.


Attempt Number 4 to record my 5 minute comedy special.


This Tuesday, December 4th, buy this T-shirt, tear it to pieces and shower me with the scraps as I come off stage at Muchmore’s in Brooklyn, NY 2 Havemeyer st. as I bring the comedy with a lot of people I just met. Quick history: 1st attempt ruined because I was nervous and I forgot to turn on my tape recorder. 2nd attempt: Hurricane. 3rd attempt: I did 6 minutes on Elmo instead of the stuff I had prepare for over a month. This resulted in stuttering and a lot of drunk guys named Ben thinking that the act was more of a conversation. This time I promise it will go just like this:

In 1985, I thought that first joke was A-MAZING.

Come to the recording of my 5 minute stand-up comedy special for FREE!

Ok so the first time, I didn’t know when I was going up annnnnd I didn’t exactly have my audio recorder up and ready annnnnd now those five minutes have dissappated into the ether. But I made up 5 more minutes you can hear at Muchmore’s 2 Havemeyer st. Brooklyn, NY Sunday 9pm. The beer’s cheap, so get there early and get drunk faster and make fun of Glenn Marshall’s underboobs because after the perfect storm you may never get another chance.

I’ll be recording my 5 minute comedy special tomorrow at Muchmore’s in Brooklyn.

It’s here.  Beer will be served.  There will be other comedians who don’t have a blogcast.  It feels like I’ll be sick.  The lighting’s OK but really you want to come for the comfortable seating, Leinenkugal’s, and to see Glenn Francis do jokes about minorities. No seriously he is so fat so it makes it funny.  But I’m definitely recording it for future podcasting.  BE A PART OF HISTORY!!!

It will turn out like this.

I’m in a blog! And it’s not mine!

I just got the word that Monday I will have some art featured in the Covered Blog. If you never perused the Covered Blog its a blog devoted to doing tributes to classic comic book covers. I’m not gonna show mine off until the day off but for instance,



I recommend anyone who has any sort of love for comics to submit something.

So mine will be something like that. I’m excited and a preemptive thanks to Robert Goodin for including me on my second try.

Finishing: The Authority

Here it is.  The finale of the great internet metermaid drama of its time, The Authority!

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Video Games: The Cut Paper Animated Music Video. This is because Jeff hasn’t seen it.

It has been brought to my attention that not all of you have see my animated masterpiece Video Games.  You people should be ASHAMED.  Anyway here it goes.  And thank you Jeff O’Leary for bringing this to light.

Starring Cole Quirk and Alexander Clothier

Words by Cole Quirk   Music by Phil Augusta Jackson