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FRACAS! is coming FRACAS! is coming!


Even more info here.Fracas


A one woman show half written by a man!!! With a kick ass poster! SCANDAL!

donnakillposterRGBWell isn’t a great week for self promotion.  So if you’re not doing anything on VDay (or even if you are.) Stop by the PIT around 11pm and enjoy the fruits of my and Donna Lobello’s 6 month labor.  Her one woman show!!! Where she kills herself!!! Cause lets face it, she is not really worth the air we breath AMIRITE?!

Did I mention I made a kick-ass poster for the event (see above)?

And this was our Web series… or did you forget?

The Lottery may need a little luck with Ed Helms’s likeness rights lawyer.

New York Lottery is running a “all you need is a little luck” campaign and it seems each “Little Luck” has a celebrity doppleganger. Read the rest of this entry »

Bad Movie, Good Copy


Wish I had written that one.

Leave Cat Cora alone you bastards!


Boo on you Bravo.  How dare you makeover Cat Cora.  The made up Dallas mom before me is not my favorite fiesty iron lesbian, rather the low rent understudy to an off Broadway version of My Dinner With Marilyn.  This woman is some girly DeLaurentiis with hips that’s always trying to conjure a dinner that goes great with a lemonade cocktail. Although I wish her luck, I’m sure the ending of this show won’t be much different from Marilyn’s life.  For I would bury my face in a mountain of Xanex if I had to work with Curtis “Zero Personality” Stone. Now please proceed to hell Mr. Bravo and all your minions.